Complete Privacy

Privacy is important to everyone but it becomes more important if you share your computer with other family members or work in an office that monitors your activity.

Do you want your wife or children to know what sites you access???
Do you want your boss or ISP to know???

Here are some suggestions to help protect your privacy and hide all evidence of your surfing habits:

1) Create a hidden encrypted area on your hard disk or USB storage called a “Volume” using Veracrypt. A Veracrypt volume looks and behaves like a normal hard disk but you can enable and disable it anytime using a password. When it is disabled no one can know that it even exists except you! It is the perfect place to store all your sensitive files and is encrypted using 256bit algorithm.

2) Once you have setup your Veracrypt volume, you can now install free Portable Applications on it like Firefox or OpenOffice. Anything you do with these programs will stay on your encrypted volume! You won’t need to worry about clearing your browser Cache or URL History. Just turn of the hidden volume and everything on it is hidden and encrypted!

3) Use a Liberty VPN account to change your IP address and be anonymous online. Surf securely through our encrypted ‘tunnel’ using the portable Firefox on your encrypted hard disk or storage device and NO ONE will ever know what you are doing! Even your network administrator or ISP cannot know what sites you visit!

For added privacy install and run CCleaner to regularly delete all your tracks.


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