Cryptocurrency Frenzy

What is a blockchain? How does it work? What is bitcoin, ethereum? Online wallet, desktop wallet, mobile, wallet or paper wallet? Soft or hard Fork? Is it a bubble? Will it crash?

Cryptocurrency has been around for several years but recently it is hitting main stream. More and more people are trying to get into cryptocurrency investment. The questions above are some of the info people need to get familiar with before being able to invest. New terms are being thrown at you, a new concept of banking and faster transactions. It may be overwhelming for some, some put in the work and do hours of research others turn to friends for help. It can also be exciting! As with any investment do your homework before committing.

Of course, all this does not apply to people of a certain age people who did not know a world without the internet. Now imagine someone who is not so computer literate, imagine how they will feel. Why the need? Well, everything is getting faster and travelling in a certain direction, there is a need to get there now, at what cost? who knows.

Will it all crash in the future? Depends who you listen to! Various people, traders, experts and even politicians offer their views and forecasts about the matter. It is very likely though, everything does at some point; the great depression, .com bubble burst, real estate boom and these are just in the US! Yes the US economy affects but other countries or regions also suffer from their own, don’t forget the Asian currency crisis or Argentina’s collapse. Over the years the IMF came in to “bailout” many countries in “need”; Ireland, Iceland, Greece and Cyprus are just some examples of European countries. Add the several wars over the years, some helped the economy other hindered, you can see nothing is for certain!

One thing is for sure everything changes, everything evolves and adapts. More and more of our lives are ‘online’ there will come a point when everything will be connected. Picture yourself sleeping, the alarm goes off, you are awake, your clock then sends a message to your toaster and your coffee machine. You are up, done with breakfast, dressed and off to work. You set the security alarm, it will then message your car to start. Your car checks the weather at takes the appropriate steps for your comfort. You are in the car which then syncs with your phone, you have an appointment at so and so address, it calculates best and quickest routes to get you there. You are going to be late the car lets your phone know which in turn sends a text message informing the other party. All this happened without the need to do anything!

All of this may sound great to some, others prefer older more simplistic times. It does not really matter where your beliefs lay the need for security is always there and it too needs to evolve. You must secure your house, your car and personal items from physical theft. You must secure your computer and phone from data theft and viruses. As described above everything will change so will the need for better security, thieves do not need to steal your jewelry if they can steal you online wallet for example. It is time were a VPN is not just a luxury but a necessity. Secure yourself against the dangers of identity theft secure your personal data and your assets. Encrypt your online traffic and soon the data communicated through your personal devices.

It is time to Secure your internet World!

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Disclaimer: These are personal opinions of the administrator; we do not want to influence people in investing or not investing nor what to invest in if they do choose to do so.


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