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What is a Virtual Private Network?

A Virtual Private Network or VPN provides a secure and private connection within a public network (e.g. the Internet). This connection is obtained through a method, called tunneling, where the data to be transferred is broken up into smaller 'packets' encrypted and are subsequently sent through the virtual tunnel created. This is NOT to be confused with a proxy service which is used to view websites only. We provide a secure connection to our servers and all traffic is directed through them. PLEASE NOTE that if you do choose to use one of many free proxy services there is a great chance that your credit card and/or passwords will be subject to fraud because they log your activity! For more information click here


Why Use Liberty VPN?


A VPN connection provides an encrypted tunnel where all your traffic is sent through, therefore providing a secure internet connection. Use our VPN service when at a Wi-Fi hotspots to ensure your protection against online hackers. Enjoy the lower prices of shopping online securely.

Bypass ISP Restrictions

Internet censorship exists in countries such as China, UAE (Dubai - Abu Dhabi), Saudi Arabia, Oman etc, if you live or visit these countries you will need a VPN to access blocked websites. Bypass Internet Service Providors (ISP) restrictions on certain software such as Skype or Google Talk.

It's Anonymous

Protect your privacy and remain anonymous when online by using a VPN. Your real IP address will remain hidden so your internet activity cannot be monitored.

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If you are from the US, UK, Canada or Germany and you have relocated to another country use our VPN service to watch your favorite TV programs online. Click here for more info on TV abroad.

Internet Liberty... Surf Anonymously!

Liberty VPN is easy to use and offers individual connections through our servers located in several different countries including Switzerland, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, France, Canada, the USA, and the UK. If you cannot decide which country better suits your needs order our All-In-One Plan by clicking here. Rated 4.6 out of 5 by Liberty VPN users at!


- Accounts are created manually after detailed fraud checks.

- This is a service that can be cancelled at anytime with no long term obligations.

- Accounts are subscription based that are renewed automatically.

- ALL major credit cards are accepted!

- NO file sharing programs are permitted on any of our servers. Such an incident will lead to immediate cancellation of our service.


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"I was in China for two weeks trying aimlessly to figure out a way to use the internet normally until a co-worker sujested i use Liberty VPN! I strongly recommend it for anyone working or travelling to China!" Jason, China


Liberty VPN Benefits
  • Access Blocked Websites!
  • Bypass ISP Restrictions!
  • It's Secure and Anonymous!
  • Use Skype, Google Talk e.t.c.!
  • Access Poker, Gambling, Adult Sites!
  • Watch USA TV ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX!
  • Watch BBC iPlayer & ITV!
  • Watch Hulu & Netflix!