About Us

Who We Are

Liberty VPN provides our valued customers with a service that ensures their privacy and security while online. Infringements on people's privacy, occurs daily regardless the country they live in. Modern technology has many benefits but at the same time can be used against the right to privacy. With VPN servers located in several countries including Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA, Liberty VPN can reinstate this right to people.

Through our VPN technology a new internet connection (in addition to the existing one) is created that will encrypt your traffic and will leave no traces regardless the ISP used. We are opposed to any sort of censorship and we strive to help people experience the liberty of enjoying the World Wide Web just like it was intended. Our service is 100% legal and any illegal activity on our network is strictly prohibited (including P2P sharing programs).

Rely on Liberty VPN and your privacy will be protected!

We are also open to any and all suggestions. Feel free to Contact Us.